Biometric scanner

Our client wanted a secure & reliable, cost effective Bluetooth fingerprint scanner, for use in very challenging environments.

The Brief

The client could not find an off-the-shelf fingerprint scanner that met its broad range of demanding requirements:

  • Secure
  • Low cost
  • Robust
  • Wireless
  • Accurate & reliable
  • Long-lasting, re-chargeable battery operation

We needed to work collaboratively with a team to integrate usability research and industrial, mechanical, and electronic design to pinpoint the optimal biometric sensor and create a solution that satisfied the aforementioned requirements.

The Solution

We supported the client with key embedded choices related to the biometric sensor, processor, Bluetooth solution, USB solution and power supply design. In the subsequent product design phase, we were responsible for electronics hardware design and integrating it with the industrial/mechanical design to ensure form and function were optimized.

We faced several challenges related to selecting and integrating biometric, USB, and Bluetooth-embedded software solutions. However, by working closely with the client’s in-house app team, a fully integrated product solution was delivered.

Rather than addressing each requirement separately, we collaborated with the client to develop innovative solutions from a cross-disciplinary perspective. By combining hardware and software design in support of clever user experience design, efficient power supply design can help extend battery charge life.

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