We help manufacturers of apparel, sportswear and personal protective equipment (PPE) to design, develop and deliver 'wearable' technologies.

Develop state-of-the art wearable products, without developing your own tech team

Wearable product development is hard. Designs always push the limits of size, weight and power consumption, without compromising on performance. And physical integration of electronics into footwear and clothing presents novel challenges.

Our experienced product development team can guide you through the technology landscape and the end-to-end product development process to get your product to market.


Maximise customer insight before design decisions get locked-down

User insight lets you align your product with the needs and preferences of your target audience, and it identifies potential pain points and usability issues.

Getting that insight early allows you to iterate and improve the product before substantial effort is invested.

Fen specialises in creating rapid prototypes, whether of devices themselves or of mobile- or web-enabled experiences, to test user responses.

Perfect the design versus performance trade-off

Fen brings a multidisciplinary team to ‘wearable’ projects. Industrial and UX designers, mechanical, electronic and software engineers combine to take a holistic view of all strands of product development.

This lets us make coherent decisions when trading-off development risks, project costs and performance expectations.

Minimise power consumption, maximise battery life

Smart engineering, in both electronic and software disciplines, is a prerequisite for power-efficient products. But the way a device interacts with mobile phones and with web services — whether data is processed ‘at the edge’ or ‘in the cloud’ — can have a significant impact on performance.

With expertise in device, mobile, cloud and algorithm development, Fen is well placed to help you deliver a power-optimised system design.

Engaging with Fen Technology

Fen offers a comprehensive service for clients engaging in wearable development. The process begins with an initial, free-of-charge, no obligation consultation to understand the product requirements, the value proposition, and development objectives, considering both technical and commercial constraints. Fen can then support any and all of:

  • Proof-of-concept: evaluating if the project is worth pursuing, convincing stakeholders.
  • Feasibility: identifying technical and operational risks and eliminating them, either analytically or experimentally.
  • Early user prototypes: creating looks-like, works-like prototypes to explore user reactions.
  • Engineering prototypes: developing functional prototypes to refine designs and performance.
  • Design verification: ensuring that the design meets specification and achieves all necessary certifications.
  • Manufacturing introduction: working with your chosen manufacturer to achieve reliable, volume production.

Fen provides the necessary design and development expertise to realise your product vision, from earliest concept development, through feasibility, design and product certification right through to manufacturing setup.


Our engineering expertise spans wireless connectivity, outdoor and indoor location, motion and orientation sensing, and biometrics.

We also deliver outstanding work in sensor fusion, the art of combining data from multiple sensors to achieve greater accuracy, insight or performance.

Our software skills encompass embedded development for lowest-power, lowest-cost products, mobile applications and web- and cloud-services.

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