Environmental sensor data hub

The client needed to upgrade their connectivity solution to support their existing environmental monitoring station product.

The Brief

Our client needed to upgrade their current environmental sensor connectivity hub in order to meet industry reporting standards, provide a configurable dashboard, and enable remote monitoring and control. Additionally, they wished to support their existing environmental monitoring station product.

However, the existing solution was too bulky, power-hungry, and expensive. It lacked the capacity and robustness to scale up to meet market demands. The client also desired a core solution that could be mapped to a future suite of innovative products.

The Solution

We collaborated with the client to design and deliver an embedded mHUB device and cloud platform that significantly improved cost, size, and power consumption. The cloud and communications architecture ensured that high-value customer data was securely stored and easily accessible. The product has been in high demand, and the Fen solution has proved to be scalable enough to meet these demands.

Our database is designed to store over 2 billion records for a minimum of 18 months and has successfully undergone rigorous stress testing using our load simulation tools.

The comm’s protocol and embedded software were designed to enable porting to future platforms and products whilst allowing the integration of those products into the same core backend solution.

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