Hydraulic test equipment cloud enablement

Fen upgraded an existing hydraulic field test unit to share data via BLE and the cellular network.

The Brief

Our client wanted to upgrade their hydraulic test unit to a next-generation product. They required the addition of new features such as wireless data extraction from the unit and a mobile app to process and share the data over the mobile network. As part of the upgrade, the existing product’s embedded code base needed to be re-architected and re-implemented.

The Solution

We worked with the customer to evaluate and select an appropriate BLE (Bluetooth low energy) solution that was both cost effective and technically appropriate for the requirements.

We upgraded and re-implemented the existing product code base to integrate the new features as per the specifications.

We created a mobile app that can work on different platforms and communicate with the field unit using BLE. Additionally, we ensured that the app is secure by implementing a protocol to prevent unauthorized third-party apps that could damage the customer’s reputation.

Finally, we developed a PC test app to validate the embedded software solution and mobile communication link separately from the mobile app development process.

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