IoT connected smart appliances

Smart mesh, self-healing AC mains control.

The Brief

Our client could see that with IoT, there was an opportunity to take a fresh approach to their product business model and their client relationships. To achieve this, they required a suite of connected devices with a smart network management solution that could connect a large number of appliances with each other, and a central appliance serving as a cellular gateway to the cloud.

A complete end-to-end IoT solution was required, including:

  • Hardware and software for the embedded gateway and local network units.
  • Cloud solution, including payment and App interfaces.
  • Web-based dashboard UIs for admin and maintenance.
  • Support for new product introduction (NPI) through strict conformance and safety testing and into volume production.

The client’s funding was dependent on the early delivery of a viable demonstrator installed in a public space, showcasing many features of the final product.

The Solution

Our top priority was to quickly provide a reliable representation of the final product to reassure financial backers. To achieve this, we used carefully selected third-party hardware. This allowed us to begin Agile development and testing of the final software solution from the start, with an early delivery that met the demo requirements. At the same time, we started the specification and development of the product electronics.

Later in the project, the software development simply transferred to the Fen-developed product electronics, with software that was pre-qualified on the third-party hardware.

We created a central cloud repository for live and historical data, as well as for control of all appliances on the network. The associated applications and databases enabled the implementation of the business rules and conditions of use.

We provided a REST API for third-party app developers. Using the same API, we developed a set of secure multi-level access web dashboards, which allowed site, multi-site, and global access to all devices on the network.

We developed a suite of electronics modules for site installation, capable of adapting to different AC mains scenarios. These modules self-organize around a Fen-developed cellular gateway, finding the optimal RF path through the mesh network and self-healing in the event of communication outages.

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