Connected robotic lawn mower

An Internet enabled and controlled mower for the smart home market.

The Brief

A global leader in garden power tools needed to create an internet-connected robotic lawn mower. They required a complete solution, which included embedded product hardware and software, as well as specification, design, testing and roll-out of a secure back-end service.

They needed assistance in selecting the most suitable communications technologies, cloud frameworks and services, and also in finding third-party providers that could partner with a global brand’s mass-market product.

New communication protocols had to be defined to ensure sustainable business models for the high-data-demand product.

Data structures and APIs needed defining and implementing, to support all external interfaces such as Consumer phone apps and business web service solutions, all from a single code base.

The Solution

We advised the client to use cellular communication instead of WiFi for their home and garden environment as it provided a more ubiquitous and reliable solution. However, this required us to create an efficient and dependable data exchange protocol to meet the business’s OpEx requirements.

We designed a complete embedded hardware and software module that could interact with the intelligent robotic motherboard and serve the cloud control and reporting needs of the connected server mothership safely.

To meet the project’s immediate feasibility funding milestones, we adopted an agile development approach and demonstrated a complete and viable product concept hosted on our servers within weeks of the project’s start. Once the product viability was confirmed, we partnered with the client’s internal IT and data division to integrate the cloud solution into their back-end servers and software services.

We collaborated with the client’s marketing and engineering divisions to develop the first version of their cross-platform consumer apps and internal web dashboard tools.

As part of the specification and development process, we introduced and worked with third-party eSim providers and hosted solution partners to deliver a fully integrated, tested, and mature end-to-end IoT solution.

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