Niels ThomsenTechnical Director

Portrait of Niels Thomsen.

Niels studied electronics at Copenhagen Technical College.  Since 1980 he has applied himself to solving problems in many areas of electronics, including audio-visual control systems, mobile communications and factory automation. 

He particularly enjoys creating system architectures and doing battle in the murky waters of hardware/software interfacing.  Since 1996 he has taken a leading role in electronic design services where he has been involved in over 250 projects across a wide range of technologies and applications.

“It’s been a privilege to have a front row seat through more than twenty years of outstanding technical development at Fen.”

Outside work, Niels is passionate about the environment and technology’s role and potential impacts.  He supports the efforts being made to care for the environment through pro-bono work.  He also drives his colleagues to distraction with references to his home automation system.