I want to update and improve my existing product

Better, faster, smaller.

With the fast-paced growth of the IoT market, there are various ways in which products can be updated and improved. Our team has effectively executed several product enhancement projects, where prosperous and well-established products have had their profitable life extended through cloud connectivity. This has resulted in additional secondary business benefits such as an improved supply chain management, opportunities for after-market sales, and enhanced brand-customer interaction.

Sometimes we are asked to simply review a product design and take cost out of the BOM and/or production process. Whilst this is relatively straightforward it also presents an opportunity to improve user experience (UX) and enhance product feature specifications, at little or no incremental cost.

We frequently apply our vast experience in instrumentation design to upgrade to next-generation products. These advancements often require an intensive modelling and simulation process, which involves assessing new methods and enhancing existing methods to help our clients attain leading market positions.

Our extensive knowledge and expertise enable us to handle numerous scenarios that call for different combinations of the above skills and techniques, allowing us to meet a wide range of client product requirements.