I want my new product to run forever on a small battery

Power optimised hardware and software design is key.

When creating a product with a barrery-critical design, it is crucial to consider power budgets and performance expectations during the early stages of the system architecture process. This is because each aspect of the design has a significant impact on meeting the desired performance criteria.

To create an affordable, compact, and lightweight product, informed decisions need to be made when selecting the main components, writing low-level software for peripheral drivers and low power states, and designing higher-level usage profiles and application code for optimal product performance. These configuration choices should be made as part of an integrated approach to ensure that the product design is of the highest quality.

While rechargeable battery solutions are becoming increasingly popular among our clients, there are situations where disposable batteries are a better choice due to their functionality and cost-effectiveness. However, it is crucial to specify readily available disposable batteries in retail outlets in the geographical locations where the product will be used.

In the design process, it is also essential to consider the charging function. Fen often combines communications and power in a single standard cable/connector to reduce component costs and align with commonly available cabling options such as USB and PoE.