I need technical consultation and advice

With experience and track record comes trust and success.

We take great care in selecting individuals to join our development team. We understand that our clients require highly skilled engineers and project managers who can begin working on a new project immediately with added value. Therefore, our team members typically have more than 25 years of experience in product development, on average.

Our exposure to a broad range of technologies and markets brings distinct advantages to advisory projects. Our engineers leverage their extensive knowledge to transfer specific ideas and techniques from one project to seemingly unrelated areas. This innovative approach leads to significant breakthroughs and improvements. Our advisory projects include technical challenges related to product performance, features, and cost, as well as broad market concepts that require lateral thinking to identify new opportunities and benefits. We also provide support for due diligence analysis, approval plans, and investigating sets of options to provide rationale and recommendations for the best way forward with a particular technical or market challenge.